Revolutionizing Fish Tank Filtration:

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Our Story

Aquatic Circle, based in Frostburg Maryland, innovates fish tank filtration by using aquaponics. Our systems eliminate the need for water changes and tank cleaning, offering compact, low maintenance filters that use plants for natural cleaning.

Our Services


Aquaponic Filters

Efficient plant-based filtration system for minimal tank maintenance.


Low Maintenance Tanks

Self-cleaning fish tanks that require minimal upkeep.


Compact Filter Design

Space-saving filter systems for efficient use of tank space.

Transform Your Aquarium Today

Explore our aquaponic filtration systems and enjoy a hassle-free fish tank experience.

Why Choose Us

Innovative Design

Revolutionary aquaponic filtration eliminates water changes & cleaning tasks.

Low Maintenance

Enjoy hassle-free fish tank ownership with our compact and easy-to-maintain filters.

Natural Cleaning

Our filters use plants to clean your tank, providing a natural and healthy environment for your fish.


Ready to Experience the Difference?

Explore our range of aquaponic filtration systems and make caring for your fish tank a breeze.

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